A Case of the Mondays

Form a Rebel Alliance! (w/ Lois Kelly)

May 27, 2019 TWC Group Season 1 Episode 1
A Case of the Mondays
Form a Rebel Alliance! (w/ Lois Kelly)
Show Notes

On today's show, Chris introduces himself and then sits down to talk with author Lois Kelly. They talk about rebels at work, why they're so important to organizations and what to do if you are a rebel, or you lead them. 

Lois Kelly has been a lifelong Rebel at Work, and has spent her career helping Fortune 100 companies become braver and more creative in their approaches to communications.  

Her real professional joy has been encouraging people to become more rebellious at work. Lois is the author of four books, including Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within, which she co-wrote with Carmen Medina.  She lives in Rhode Island, working on becoming wiser and wilder when she's not in the woods, writing evocative personal essays, or running workshops for aspiring Rebels.  Twitter: @LoisKelly and @Rebelsatwork. Writing: https://medium.com/@LoisKelly.  Web sites: foghound.com and rebelsatwork.com

Note: in the show, Lois mentions the writer and consultant Meg Wheatley. She is someone else you should know about, so click here to learn more: https://margaretwheatley.com/

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