A Case of the Mondays

The Accidental Profession

January 16, 2023 TWC Group Season 3 Episode 2
A Case of the Mondays
The Accidental Profession
Show Notes

Today, we're talking about Project Management as an "Accidental Profession." The fact that despite its proliferation (16 million NEW PM gigs in the last decade!) companies still seem to think of it as a nuisance and a "necessary evil."

What to do to understand how YOUR company views project management and, by extension, project managers is going to be your first step at making your current reality a stepping stone to your long-term career goals.

Oh, and we also check in with our pals at Southwest Airlines because no matter what's going on in your career, at least you're not them.

Some articles from the show:

NY Times: Southwest CEO Bob Jordan on "What Went Wrong."
Business Horizons: Lessons for an Accidental Profession
PMI: The Accidental Project Manager
University of Minnesota Press: Creating a Project Culture

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Producers: Sarah and Max Warman
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