A Case of the Mondays

You aren't working hard enough

February 06, 2023 TWC Group Season 3 Episode 5
A Case of the Mondays
You aren't working hard enough
Show Notes

In this episode, Chris talks about Informal Governance, or the network of relationships that influence you, your team, and the people who govern your projects. We talk about empathy, getting in to the heads of these people and, despite some unpleasantness, what they're being told about you and your colleagues.

Also! Chris launches the Mondaypod Book Club! We'll be reading a series of fiction books that will help expand our minds to encompass the perspectives of people who are different than us, and may be representative of people whom we call our colleagues and friends.

Mondaypod's Books for Managers #1: Severance, by Ling Ma

"America's Fever of Workaholism is Finally Breaking" (Except, no; it's not)

"America’s Work Ethic Is Under Assault" (Also no)

"The Hidden Link Between Workaholism and Mental Health"

"ChatGPT is about to dump more work on everyone"

If you want to find the LinkedIn post that got Chris so incensed, he's not linking it here. That dude got too much traction as it was. I'm sure your CEO read it. Go ask him.

Writer, Host: Chris Thierfelder
Producers: Sarah and Max Warman
Art: Jennie Jacobs
Music: Kevin MacLeod
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