A Case of the Mondays

No One Does it Alone

March 06, 2023 TWC Group Season 3 Episode 9
A Case of the Mondays
No One Does it Alone
Show Notes

Hell might be other people, but other people are how you're going to be successful in your career so you better start making some friends. Today we talk about networking! Why you need a network at every stage of your career, what sort of people you should have in your network and how to go about getting them. 

Not even the GOATs were successful without their networks, and the same will hold true for you you. Time to pop a mint, stick your hand out and start making connections. 

Writer, Host: Chris Thierfelder
Producers: Sarah and Max Warman
Art: Jennie Jacobs
Music: Kevin MacLeod
IG: @mondaypod
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