A Case of the Mondays

Pirate Radio and Pirate Crews

April 17, 2023 TWC Media Group Season 3 Episode 15
A Case of the Mondays
Pirate Radio and Pirate Crews
Show Notes

Even a lot of experienced team leaders forget that the job of leading teams isn't just to chase down dates and deliverables. The job is leadership and to have an effective team, you need good team morale. 

Chris talks about building team morale and offers a few hard-won lessons from his own tenure as a leader on what to do...and what NOT to do to manage the micro-culture of your team. 

He also gives a nod to the indie radio DJs of yesteryear, and spins a little nostalgia for those people who placed "a little doubt" on the pillows of those of us growing up in the 'burbs.

Today's Outro: An early version of R.E.M.'s "Radio Free Europe" that doesn't appear on any commercial album. Damn the man. 

Writer, Host: Chris Thierfelder
Producers: Sarah and Max Warman
Art: Jennie Jacobs
Music: Kevin MacLeod
IG: @mondaypod
LinkedIn: A Case of the Mondays
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