A Case of the Mondays

Who Cares?

April 24, 2023 TWC Media Group Season 3 Episode 16
A Case of the Mondays
Who Cares?
Show Notes

What does it all mean? Why bother with any of it? 

Today Chris takes a look at the world of Project Management gurus and Rise and Grind Culture, and the ocean of leadership books and wonders: "Does any of this stuff matter? Does it get to why any of this is important? Who cares about being a good project manager or a good team leader, anyway?"

Spoiler alert: it does matter. It matters for deeper and better reasons than the prevailing messages would have you believe. 

Two more episodes left, folks! 

Writer, Host: Chris Thierfelder
Producers: Sarah and Max Warman
Art: Jennie Jacobs
Music: Kevin MacLeod
IG: @mondaypod
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