A Case of the Mondays

Season Three Finale!

May 08, 2023 TWC Media Group Season 3 Episode 18
A Case of the Mondays
Season Three Finale!
Show Notes

Today, Chris wraps up season 3 with a recap of why Team Leadership is important, how good team leadership can led to better executive leadership, the Five Strengths of getting better at anything, and where you can go to learn more (SPOILER ALERT: Chris is referring to his free webinar and his not-free 12-part Course on Mastering Project Management.) He also gives you the Mondaypod Manager's Book Club picks for the summer.

Thanks for listening, everyone!

Mastering Project Management Webinar (Click to Register!)

The Project Management Masterclass (Enrollment opens on May 9th, but you can get a sneak peak, now! And listeners can put in coupon code MONDAYPOD25 for 25% off!)

Mondaypod Manager's Book Club

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