A Case of the Mondays

"The Meritocracy Trap" w/ Daniel Markovits

May 11, 2020 TWC Group Season 2 Episode 6
A Case of the Mondays
"The Meritocracy Trap" w/ Daniel Markovits
Show Notes

Chris has a wide-ranging conversation with Daniel Markovits from Yale Law School about his recent book "The Meritocracy Trap" and how the structural imbalances that exist within corporate America conspire to prevent most workers--of almost any level--from the kind of stable career progression that once was responsible for creating a Professional Middle Class in this country.

Chris also muses about gratitude, considering ethical work, and gives a preview of next week's guest (for the first time!)

Read this stuff from Professor Markovits:
Article: "How Life Became and Endless, Terrible Competition"
Article: "How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class"
Book: "The Meritocracy Trap"
Op-Ed: "A Wealth Tax is the Logical Way to Support Coronavirus Relief"

About Professor Markovits:

Daniel Markovits is Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Private Law.

Markovits works in the philosophical foundations of private law, moral and political philosophy, and behavioral economics. He publishes in a range of disciplines, including in Science, The American Economic Review, and The Yale Law Journal.

Markovits’s current book, The Meritocracy Trap (forthcoming, Penguin Press), places meritocracy at the center of rising economic inequality and social and political dysfunction. The book takes up the law, economics, and politics of human capital to identify the mechanisms through which meritocracy breeds inequality and to expose the burdens that meritocratic inequality imposes on all who fall within meritocracy’s orbit.

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