A Case of the Mondays

"You Are Enough, and You Got This." w/ Moe Carrick

June 01, 2020 Season 2 Episode 9
A Case of the Mondays
"You Are Enough, and You Got This." w/ Moe Carrick
Show Notes

Today, Chris talks with author, researcher, executive coach and now podcaster(!) Moe Carrick. Moe's work focuses on creating dynamic, human-centric leaders and work places so that we can all thrive and flow in our careers. Her books tackle some of the thorniest ideas in modern leadership, and pays respect to that most complicated workplace mystery: people!

Moe's ideas have been imperative for years but have taken on a new urgency now, as we are all confronted with a need to evolve as leaders and create brand-new paradigms for leadership and for work itself. As we all start to settle in to a "new normal" it's high time we re-consider what good leadership looks like and how it can lift us up and through our current environment.

Read this stuff:
Website: Moecarrick.com (links to toolkits, her books, and podcast can be found there!)

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