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A Case of the Mondays

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Ever wonder how to combine meaning and work? Ever feel like a rebel in your own company? Have you looked at other companies and thought 'Why can't we innovate like them?' Join your host, Chris Thierfelder and his guests from all corners of the business world to discuss these ideas and more each Monday through the summer. Spend a little extra time in the car with us, and maybe you'll learn something new, or maybe you'll just have a reason not to step in to that cubicle on time. A thoughtful business podcast for thoughtful business people.
"Do good. Avoid evil. Celebrate your demons. Ask for help." Season 2 Wrap-up!June 29, 2020 Episode artwork "The Reality is, You Never Figure it Out." w/ Brian ReaJune 08, 2020 Episode artwork "You Are Enough, and You Got This." w/ Moe CarrickJune 01, 2020 Episode artwork "You Have to Believe in Your Next Sale" w/ Jeremy WielandMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork "Bullshit Jobs and The Revolt of the Caring Class" w/ David GraeberMay 18, 2020 Episode artwork "The Meritocracy Trap" w/ Daniel MarkovitsMay 11, 2020 Episode artwork "May the Fourth Be With You. Always." w/ Sensei Gary Koan JankaMay 04, 2020 Episode artwork "Lead with Grace and Patience" w/ Gia VitaliApril 27, 2020 Episode artwork "Give Yourself Permission to be Unproductive" w/ Sabina NawazApril 20, 2020 Episode artwork "Understand why YOU are valuable" w/ Patty McCordApril 13, 2020 Episode artwork "Learn to be a good person by doing good things" w/ Prof. Steven MintzApril 06, 2020 Episode artwork "Why the world wags and what wags it" (Season 1 Wrap-Up)August 19, 2019 Episode artwork “I want my company to invest in me” (w/ David Hunt, Jennie Jacobs, McKenna Giardine, and Dodge Ward)August 12, 2019 Episode artwork The Prosperity Paradox (w/ Efosa Ojomo)August 05, 2019 Episode artwork The Most Valuable Thing You Own is Your Data (w/ Viktor Mayer-Shönberger)July 29, 2019 Episode artwork Stay Curious (w/ Safi Bahcall)July 22, 2019 Episode artwork Everyone Thinks They're Ethical (w/ Cynthia Patton)July 15, 2019 Episode artwork WHAT You Spend Doesn't Matter; HOW You Spend It Does (w/ Barry Jaruzelski)July 08, 2019 Episode artwork Don't Burn Your Life Down! Instead, Hack It. (w/ Demir Bentley)July 01, 2019 Episode artwork People are Not Disposable (w/ Sebastian Buck)June 24, 2019 Episode artwork You Don't Get Innovation For Free (w/ Gary Pisano)June 17, 2019 Episode artwork People WANT to believe (w/ Bethany McLean)June 10, 2019 Episode artwork Biology is Technology (w/ Ryan Bethancourt)June 03, 2019 Episode artwork Form a Rebel Alliance! (w/ Lois Kelly)May 27, 2019 Episode artwork A Case of the Mondays Trailer #1May 15, 2019 Episode artwork